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Titi's Tasty Treats LLC 

is a Plant-Based bakery. 

What dose this mean?? 

Simply put we use only the best high quality ingredients that come from natural and local sources. 

We also refrain from using any animal products. 

This means that we are always 100% vegan friendly,egg and dairy free. 

At special requests we can offer products made with Gluten Free. 

Our Story


Hello my name is Jennifer 

aka Titi (Auntie) Jen-Jen 

owner and Head Pastry Chef at 

Titi's Tasty Treats LLC. 

I found my love of baking at a very young age and it all started with me baking birthday cakes for my nieces and nephews. 

My love quickly grew into a passion and I decided to make it my career.

 I went to culinary school and as a vegan I found myself very disappointed with the lack of consideration and knowledge of alternative dietary lifestyles, however I also found myself on a  mission. 

A mission to prove that you don't need animal products or artificial ingredients to make and enjoy delicious foods goods! 

Contact Us!


Text or Call 

Please give 1 week minimum notice for all orders.  

2  weeks  minimum for  custom orders.

We have a $40.00 order minimum.

We have a $65.00 minimum for custom orders.

Pick up location 

Glastonbury CT or at Events

Shipping & Delivery is available for some orders.

 An additional fee will apply.

We do not currently have a storefront and only fill orders online, by phone (text  is  best)  or at events.

 Order forms must be filled out and signed!